Tuesday, April 11, 2017

1 Month!

Shelby is almost two months old now so I had to get this one month post in before we got there. We did take these pictures on her one month day though. Those first few weeks of her life were quite the adjustment period for all of us, and it was around her one month mark that we started to get things figured out a little better. We love this precious baby.

Things we want to remember about Shelby at one month.

- 10 lbs. 5 oz. 50th percentile. After struggling to gain weight the first couple weeks, the doctor was pleasantly surprised by that number.

- We could not get nursing to work once again. I believe it's because she has a pretty serious upper lip tie, but I took her to two different ENT doctors and they would not clip that lip. I am frustrated and sad about it. I am pumping for now and supplementing with formula because my body is not making enough. Bummer.

- I am pretty sure she purposefully smiled at me a couple times around four weeks.

- The first few nights home were pretty brutal since she had her days and nights confused, but honestly she got it straightened out pretty fast. I think around the time she was a week old. After those first couple weeks she has only woken up once at night for the most part.

- She is a noisy pooper. Ha!

- She screams pretty much every time we put her in her car seat which makes going anywhere a little stressful.

- She seems to be pretty particular and opinionated. She really is sweet and smiley a lot, but if things aren't just so she sure lets us know! She cries a lot when other people hold her because it's not just exactly what she's used to or what she wants (I'm assuming that's what's up anyway.)

- She has a very adamant cry that kind of makes her lose her voice if it goes on for too long. This helps her get what she wants quickly. :)

- She is so loved by her sister and brothers. They all want to hold her and feed her her bottle and talk to her and put their hands on her face, and hold her hands, and shake a rattle for her, etc., etc., etc. Sometimes she is so happy to see and talk to them, but she lets us know if it's not working out for her.

- After she lost her umbilical cord she was very happy to have a real bath. 

I'm realized a lot of that info. was more about her now than it was in her first month, but I'm having a hard time sorting out what happened when so I'm just going with it.

Over the shoulder pictures are my favorite at this age.

Ezra begged me to take this picture, but he just can not handle bright light so he could barely open his eyes. 

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