Monday, November 13, 2017

Luke's Birthday

I think this is the last boating post for this year. For Luke's birthday we took the boats to the river in the evening and had a great time out there all together. They took a grill and some hot dogs on the party barge and we played and ate on the beach of the island until right before dark. Some of Luke's kids tried wakeboarding for the first time which was pretty fun and exciting. I love that we live here close to my family and that we're all here and get together regularly.

Friday, November 10, 2017

Labor Day Weekend

For Labor Day weekend we got together with Drew's family. We went for a little boat outing which we haven't done with all of them for quite a while, and it was so fun. We're hoping we can make that more of a regular thing.

First Day of School 2017

Darcy started third grade this year. Her teacher is Mrs. Becker and she is learning so much and loving it. Previous years have been significantly more difficult so I am very happy about that! Darcy had another teacher in mind for this year that she had really wanted. I was crossing my fingers she would get her choice to make this school year start a little easier, but when the letter came she didn't get that first choice and we found out her first choice had actually moved to teaching second grade. When I read through the placement letter it talked about how carefully the staff considers which kids should be with which teachers. I know it says that on every letter, but the people in the office and the different teachers she's had really do know her and her struggles and that brought me a lot of peace. I was sure they had truly considered where to put her carefully. I told Darcy what the letter said and my feeling about that and she agreed and seemed to be happy with having Mrs. Becker after all. Since we're a couple months in now I feel more than ever like that was the best choice for her.

Ezra started kindergarten. His teacher is the world's greatest kindergarten teacher Mrs. Stowe. He had a rough start, not wanting to leave mom every morning. Thankfully it didn't take him too long to adjust and by now he's going like a champ and even letting me drop him off by the curb in the morning instead of parking and walking to his line with him. With two other little ones and winter rearing its ugly head I am so glad I don't have to get us all out of the car anymore! It was hard for me to send another kid off to school and not have him home with me every day, but it is exciting to see all that he is learning.

Lindsey's 32nd Birthday

I turned 32 and got my first wakeboard. Because I am a very mediocre wakeboarder I have always resisted getting my own, and I was pretty surprised about how nice it was to have a wakeboard designed for a woman. It turns out I kinda like to have my own wakeboard. We went to the river with my family to try it out.

Ezra Turns 6

I have been working on getting my blog printed and as I was looking through my pictures I realized I missed a few posts over the last few months. So like I often do I'm going to be playing a little catch up starting all the way back in August for Ezra's 6th birthday.

His birthday was on a Sunday this year so we just did a small celebration at our house on that day. When everyone was at our house for Darcy's baptism we had a big cake for him and mixed his birthday celebrating in a little on that day. My mom got him his cake from Costco and he thought it was the best cake ever!

I posted on Facebook on his birthday and that post sums Ezra as a six year old up pretty well so I'm just going to copy that here.

"Happy 6th birthday to our adventure seeking, baby and spaghetti loving, deep thinking, athletic, tender hearted, all around awesome Ezra man!!"

Saturday, November 4, 2017

8 Months

Another month of trying to remember by looking at pictures on my phone. I'm trying to get caught up so I can be on top of it at nine months!

- Loves to be outside. It's the cure for all kinds of sadness.

- Starting to rock back and forth on her knees and lunging forward onto her belly. When we sing, she "sings."

- Wears one of Darcy's jackets and looks so much like her but with darker hair.

- Had her first stomach flu

- Even more intense separation anxiety from mom.