Thursday, May 18, 2017

3 Months!

 Shelby is three months old. We love her to pieces. She is pretty opinionated, but I kind of love that about her and in my mind she is just about the sweetest baby ever.

Some things we want to remember about her at three months:

- 13.8 lbs (64%)

- She is sticking to her schedule and doesn't love to have it messed up.

- Her roots are blonde.

- She still isn't a big fan of the car seat, but she is getting a little better at handling it.

- She rolled over for the first time last Friday when we were at Neil and Becky's, five days before she was three months. She has not repeated that since though.

- She likes to talk on and on in our baby babble conversations.

- Sadly, she has decided it is not ok for the other kids to hold her. They keep trying, but as soon as they pick her up she immediately starts screaming and crying. She certainly has an opinion and lets us know about it.

- She loves baths.

- I have been trying desperately to get her to sleep through the night, but once again she's not really having it. She had two pretty good nights, but has gone backwards since then. I am struggling with the sleep deprivation.

- She is a very smiley girl and we love it. The kids love to talk to her and make her smile, and so do I.

- She seems to love to be help by Drew. She pretty much never falls asleep while I'm holding her, but does quite often when Drew is holding her.

- She likes to be outside and if she is upset I can just take her out there to help calm her down.

 I had been trying to get her to smile for pictures all day and she was not going for it. But then Drew got home and came over to talk to her while I was trying again and she was flashing them left and right. Oh we love that sweet smile!

Check out those shoulder muscles!

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