Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Miss Mattawa

It's really so fun to have a sister that's still in high school. So many fun things to go watch her do. A couple months ago Ashley was part of the Miss Mattawa program in my home town. I kept thinking she was doing so amazingly well, but I was questioning whether that was just my family bias or if she was really killing it. She ended up winning judges interview

, talent, getting second in every other category (fitness, self expression, scholastic) and then winning Miss Mattawa. So I guess the judges thought she was doing awesome too! 😀
She played (on the ukulele) and sang the Bruno Mars song You Can Count on Me

She looked so beautiful up there and she was so poised. Really the other girls were so beautiful and talented also, so of course at the end it's always hard to think of their possible disappointment. (I did this years ago and know how that feels.)

Hugs from Darcy and Sammi afterward

Whitney, Darcy, Ashley and Sam

With mom and dad

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