Sunday, December 17, 2017

10 Months!

Wow time is flying by! Shelby is ten month old today. She is in the middle of her first nasty cold mixed with conjunctivitis (eye infection), and we are hoping we can get through that quickly because our normally very pleasant baby is having a hard time at the moment.

Some things we want to remember about Shelby at ten months:

- I don't know how much she weighs but we can see that she has chubbed up a little this last month and we long the extra squishiness. It is so adorable.

- She crawls around like crazy and pulls herself up on everything. Just in the past couple days she has let go of whatever she was holding onto and stood on her own for a second. She seemed pretty proud of herself. :)

- She loves to go outside, but unfortunately that it happening very rarely for her right now since it's too cold out there for me. If I go close to the door but don't open it she gets sad. One time I was holding her and went to open the front door to get a package. As I grabbed the door nob she squealed  and kicked her legs because she was so excited to get out there. She has gotten to be a pretty speedy crawler so every once in a while she escapes through an open door to get out there for a second. Obviously I should be taking her out there more often.

- She loves to have her clothes off. I have discovered that if she is having a moment of sadness that I can't fix any other way, I can just take her clothes off and that almost always does the trick. She loves to hang out in just her diaper.

- Her two bottom teeth finally came in! Both on the same day - December 4. Around 9 1/2 months. She started playing with her mouth and making a funny new sound for a couple days after that.

- She notices when we are saying prayers as a family. She is usually really quiet during them and when everyone says amen, she usually yells her own version of amen along with us and smiles so big as we all open our eyes and look at her.

- She loves music and is branching out with her dance moves.

- She is starting to notice other babies around her and seems happy to have some little buddies.

- Fabric seems to be her favorite toys. Some of her happiest places are wrapped up in some floor length curtains, in the low hanging clothes in our closets, or in the middle of an unfolded pile of laundry. If we open a clothes drawer that is low enough for her to get to she loves to pull all the clothes out and throw them and spin around in them. I will post a bunch of pictures I have taken of her in those places. They are some of my favorite pictures I've ever taken of her.

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