Tuesday, February 13, 2018

11 Months!

 Shelby will be one in a few days so I wanted to get her 11 month pictures posted before all the birthday pictures. At 11 months she had her first four teeth, two top and two bottom. She started pushing around a little baby walker and loved it, and also continued with lots of dancing. The big thing that was happening at 11 months was that she had started experimenting with throwing some fits. When they're this little, it's hard for me not to laugh at the fits. It's just a little bit funny to see that part of their personality coming out. I think we all have a little of that in us. (At least at our house we do.) So when it was time to take pictures she was demonstrating her new skills and didn't want to cooperate at all. I couldn't get her to lay down for more than an instant so we didn't get any of those pictures.

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